Synopsis & Musical Numbers

Henry Tudor is a pop star who will do anything for fame and fortune. The musical follows Henry’s rise to fame, through multiple celebrity marriages, kids, scandals, and murder. Meet Henry’s wives, band mates, managers and his one true love, Lucy as they take you on a journey with comedy, drama, romance, and music.

Written by Chris Fenner, Jamie Keene & Jennifer Chislett this is the story of Henry Tudor, a modern day pop star. It follows his life, his many women and his struggle for fame and fortune at any cost, including pushing away the one woman he really loves.

This is a story of lust, passion, adultery and a complete change of history.

Musical Numbers

  1. Seven Wives
  2. Richmond Street
  3. It’s All About Image
  4. The Reporters
  5. I Want A Son
  6. Downsizing
  7. Off To Cuba
  8. The Hitmen
  9. Somewhere In The Night
  10. Jane’s Lament (I Want A Son Reprise)
  11. Eddie T.
  12. Taken Away From Me
  13. In It For Life
  14. What I Feel For You (Wake Up Henry)
  15. How I Feel
  16. Love Affair
  17. Chat Up / Jealousy
  18. Somewhere In The Night (Reprise)
  19. The Reporters (Reprise)
  20. Henry’s Lament (How I Feel Reprise)
  21. Finale